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My Story

I am a dreamer, artist, graphic designer, doer and big believer in holistic living. I went from illness to a lover of all things and good health.


Inspirational holistic living tips, the occasional recipe and ideas to increase your flow and vibration. Biohack your life today!


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Top 3 Benefits of Using Palo Santo

History of Palo Santo Palo Santo, a name now more popular in medicine than in history. A sacred tree used by Shaman’s and in ancestral medicinal practices, known to have cleansing and healing properties. It is used in meditation for creating a deeper bond with the...
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Top resons why you should Free the boobies

Why Free the Boobies? Breast health is a big issue and more people are starting to take notice that something as easy as self breast massage can help to regulate your hormones and give you a better connection to yourself and loving your body. Boobs, breasts, bosoms...
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Top 3 benefits of using Beeswax Candles

Why pick Beeswax Candles? Are you looking for the perfect way to better your home ambience? Enriching your home to improve the quality of living and having an environment worth living is probably your goal here. In order to do that our research shows that majority of...
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Trust the path unseen

A healthy connection to your inner self means that no matter what you are dealing with in life, you can find stillness, and observe the negative experiences with an open heart and an open mind. We have an amazing strength and courage within us, to guide us, to help us confront life’s challenges if we learn how to listen. This my friend is called trusting your gut and when you gut is off balance it can make it a bit tougher to navigate through life. Here are three ways I would like to help you…


Healthy living tips, a kick arse detox and videos to inspire you to eat better and do better by your body. Treat your body like a temple with kind thoughts, kind words and energised water and food. If we look after our body it will look after us so we can do all the things that make us happy.


Peace of mind is easier to achieve when you are treating your body right. Regular activities like meditation, drinking tea, reading and being grateful can help raise your vibration and give you a sense of calmness no matter what, 


Time and time again I keep getting reminded how this is how we need to live – from a place of love. First love for ourselves, then love for everything else. It becomes easier and more meaningful to love when we connect, share and be in harmony with our surroundings inside and out.

The Ultimate Body Detox Cleanse.

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