Andrea Wisden from Soul Path Awakening did a blog on the ‘Blood Moon’ via Holistic Blogger, in which she has kindly let me share with all of you. It really resonated with me because my life is having a massive overhaul and I really believe meditation, visualisation and using the power of nature is beneficial to helping me achieve my dreams.

Tonight’s full moon

Tonight we have a full moon, together with a lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses happen around every six months, and occur when the Earth’s orbit takes it between the sun and the moon. What we are actually seeing is the Earth’s shadow on the moon. Depending where you are on the planet when watching the eclipse will affect whether it is a full, or partial eclipse, and whether it will happen in daylight or night-time. To our ancestors, this was probably quite a frightening time, and an extremely powerful one. Even nowadays watching eclipses still has a powerful allure for many people.

The full moon in each month has its own name; October’s being the Blood Moon, or Hunters’ moon; the first full moon after September’s Harvest Moon. It is thought that perhaps native Americans called this moon the Blood Moon because of the time of year with the leaves falling to the ground would have created a seemingly red carpet on the ground under the moonlight. It is also referred to as the Hunters’ moon, as the hunters would have been busy utilising the bright light of the full moon in October to make the most of the hunting time before the onset of winter.

How to harness it’s energy

The bright glow of a full moon must have felt very powerful in the days where this would have been the only source of night-time illumination, before light pollution robbed it of some of its brilliance. To meditate under a full moon is a powerful way of harnessing this energy. Fortunately you don’t need to go outside to do this unless you wish to. Simply visualising you and your manifestation desires being bathed in the bright glow of the full moon is enough to harness this energy for whatever you wish to create or attract into your life.

It is an auspicious time for launching new projects, creating something new, manifesting desires and wishes, for building and new beginnings and also for shedding old habits to make way for a new way of being. It is the perfect time for finances; a good time for selling and buying. Many people write abundance cheques to themselves from the universe at the full moon (this should be done by the end of the second day after the full moon to make the most of this abundance energy).

The energy of the full moon shines a light on the things in our shadow; the thing we unconsciously keep hidden from ourselves and others. At a time of a lunar eclipse this energy is intensified. It invites us to release our stuck emotions and memories which no longer serve us. It can be a bit of a rollercoaster time and feel as if we are being bombarded with uncomfortable emotions, but if we see this as an opportunity for spiritual growth we can welcome these experiences, and bring a little bit more of ourselves into the light of the full moon.

However you view the moon, and whatever your beliefs are, most people are affected by the moon’s energy, whether they are aware of it, or acknowledge it or not. If you feel drawn to, you can explore the energies of the moon and other universal energies and use them to enhance and improve your life. If nothing else, the cyclical nature of the moon’s movements serves as a reminder that change is inevitable; that things come and go in life and that’s all perfectly natural. You can listen to a free meditation Lunar Eclipse Meditation if you wish to experience the energies of tonight and use it to shine a light in your shadow to let go of something in your life that no longer serves you.  Thanks Andrea for sharing your post on My Organic Life and I can’t wait to read more! Bo xx

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