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Who Am I?

My name is Bo Wong, I am a Wellness Advocate who loves to serve and connect people to Tea. I’m well travelled and learnt many holistic health practices that help me to cultivate a better understanding of what it means to be connected to nature and stay healthy. 

I have a diploma in holistic nutrition and have been part of the alternative health movement since 2008. My Organic Life is my online home and it’s something I’m constantly working on and evolving like me.

It’s a place I can share my thoughts and put up my events and workshops, so please make sure you sign up to my newsletter to be kept up to date.

I’m constantly infusing new and old wellness principles and techniques to create a better life that is healthy and limits my impact on the Earth. Previously this website was just a health blog with delicious recipes and tips on healthy living, but now it’s more centred around a life of Tea.

It’s time for us to wake up and discover who we are, how deeply connected and happy we can be in life. I invite you to connect with me as the meditations, tea practices and healthy living principles I follow may be a way forward for you too. I hope to share a bowl of tea with you soon!

My Story

From age 3 I suffered from chronic asthma and was constantly on medication. I felt a lot of sadness as was always that new different kid who no one wanted to get to know. Who got bullied and didn’t have the courage to stand up for myself.

As I got older things changed and I made friends easily and when I lived in London as a blogger, photographer and graphic designer my life was fun. But my asthma got worse, I didn’t sleep well, skin issues got worse, IBS, extreme period pain, memory issues, anxiety skyrocketed and I used to get 3-day migraines often.

Until I began my journey towards healthy holistic living, first I changed my diet and did a ton of cleansing. Below is a video I did with Marco from Juice Tonic in London and upon filming this I was on a 21-day juice cleanse.

As my journey with health set in and after 9.5 years living in London, I got a message my mum had a mystery illness and I was needed to go to Australia to help her. I got my mum back on the road to wellness through changing her diet and lifestyle.

I’m continually working on my cleansing and strengthening my physical body, home environment, mind and connection to all things. One of the main things that has helped me to do this has been Tea and creating a life of tea, which I’m slowly cultivating more and more each day with each sip.

My passion for tea and sharing tea is what I love to do and as someone in their 40’s I’ve overcome my health challenges and want to share how tea can help you too.

I realise it’s not only our physical bodies we need to work on but our mind-body-spirit connection. Meditation has also been a powerful tool and medicine for me to create a life that is more of service to others. I would love to share a bowl of tea with you and have a regular space I serve tea and hold workshops at on the Gold Coast called I am Healing Gifts, otherwise, check out my shop for events and free meditations to get you started.

Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going

It’s time to start living…

Our terrain inside and outside our bodies can be profoundly changed with simple lifestyle changes.

Are you a conscious minded human looking to get healthy and in harmony in life?

Well, I’ve got great news for you.

I want this for you too!

I am a Tea Advocate and will help you create a life of passion where you are supported holistically to be the best version of yourself, have more energy and feel more connected and in harmony with the outer world. I did it and I know you can too by making simple changes to your food, home environment, body connection, mindset and have so many tools to help you along the way. We’re all so unique, so what might work for one person might not be the best solution for another.

On this website, you will find ideas on how to elevate your energy, live a healthy lifestyle and connect with your surroundings.

The time is now! won’t you start living your dharma?

Love and gratitude, always, Bo xx

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