Body Rebalancing Massage

Pure Indulgence

Hi, I’m Bo Wong an InsideOut Wellness Coach. I’m passionate about helping others find a healthy harmonious balance with their environment Inside and Out. When you are in balance and nourishing yourself in the most natural way everything seems to just fall into place.

Enjoy my 3 step body rebalancing massage is the perfect way to rejuvenate your body and mind leaving you feeling restored, refreshed and relaxed. 1 Hour Treatment


Ayurvedic Facial

Get instant beauty enhancement and breathe new life into your skin to look younger, more alive and vibrant with my unique blend facial oil and facial which reduces stress and provided a gentle face-lifting therapy which helps pull acidity from the tissues.

Stomach Massage

Helps with detoxification of the gut in purging toxic matter and energy built up by freeing blockages in the abdomen and guides healing energy (Chi) through the entire body using a combination of deep, soft and gentle massage strokes.

Sound Therapy

Using Tibetan and Crystal Sound which brings you back into a state of deeper balance and harmony. All oils used are a special blend designed to nourish the skin and provide an additional level of body renewal.

Conscious Events

Check out my events page for unique workshops, women’s circles and more!

Yes please!


I received the most relaxing, energetic moisturising and smooth facial releasing stress ..and I usually don’t like facials! I also received a massage on my tummy/ gut and it helped to release some fear.

Adele Lee

Amazing! I lost 1.2kg the next day, felt great and my skin is so radiant. I feel great and can’t wait until the next one!

katarina Yzel

I loved it! a beautiful treatment that left me feeling relaxed and balanced. It’s great to feel the combo of these three things put together as one – thanks!

Manuela Chaves

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