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A HOLE-istic Approach

Hi I’m Bo so glad to meet you.

I’m passionate about helping others find a healthy harmonious balance with their environment Inside and Out.

When you are in balance and nourishing yourself in the most natural way everything seems to just fall into place.

The world is changing rapidly and being normal is such a vague term. I like being well, being happy, being connected to the natural world and noticing the beauty within it.

As an InsideOut Cleanse Specialist and I can help you creating a healthy internal and external environment through various health protocols I have learnt from around the globe. I will help you create a life of passion where you are supported holistically to be the best version of yourself, have more energy and feel more in harmony with the outer world.

Everyone is so different so where you start depends on what’s easiest for you to change. Maybe it’s your diet, beauty routine or just better sleep? By making simple changes to your food, home environment, body connection, mindset you too can live the life of your desires.

I used to have be that 8am-6pm working gal, always working on something else in the background as something was missing. I wasn’t fully satisfied with my life. I needed more and buying more stuff was just a short term answer. I’ve worked around the globe in very stressful leadership roles, with some of the biggest advertising agencies and difficult people to please. I had health issues, a very bad memory, limited time to do anything and no pleasure.

Life is simple and yes my method is not the average text book approach, you won’t find all the different things I’ll help you with anywhere else because what I have is very unique and now it’s time to help other help themselves. I didn’t start to discover how amazing cleansing you life could be until my early 30’s and now in my late 30’s I feel as sexy as ever, I know the keys to cleanse for wellbeing, so let me share them with you too!

Personal Coaching and Services with Me




Only available in the Gold Coast & Brisbane. Each session is a combination of Eastern medicine including sound, Ayurvedic and Chinese stomach massage techniques for relaxation and wellbeing.




Need extra help and to upgrade your external environment while on the detox program? Get 1 on 1 coaching with me where I can help you upgrade your lifestyle inside and out




We can upgrade your internal and external environment so you are living your optimal healthy lifestyle, this 2 month program will help you make simple changes that will make big positive changes to your life.

Private Coaching

If you are interested in any of my coaching packages for upgrading your home environment, get more clarity, energy, have a better have sex life and optimise your human potential, then here’s your chance. Right now you can book in a complementary cleanse discovery session with me. We’ll explore what’s going on for you in your life and how I could help, and whether I am the right coach for you.

Yes please!

Who am I?

My name is Bo Wong, I am a InsideOut Cleanse Specialist who has travelled around the globe and learnt many holistic health practices along the way. My Organic Life the website is constantly evolving like me and I am constantly learning and upgrading my life. Previously this website was just a health blog with delicious recipes and tips on healthy living, but now it’s more. I offer unique one on one coaching, online courses, a rapid result detox program and will still be posting on healthy living. I have also embrace my creative abilities and now showcasing my intuitive art and personalised grids which can help to upgrade your home environment.

My History…

From age five I suffered from chronic asthma in which I was in and out of hospital, as I grew up I had terrible eczema, psoriasis, weight issues and digestive problems like leaky gut. Fast forward to my twenties and a fast paced London lifestyle of partying and being very social and my health got worse. I was always tired, stressed out, would have anxiety attacks and had major adrenal fatigue issues. Lets not forgot the poor blood circulation, breathing issues, thinning hair, painful periods and severe constant 3 day long migraines. I didn’t start to get healthy until my early 30’s and now in my late 30’s I have none of these, feel amazing and I moved to Australia because I needed to help my mum recover from a mystery illness she had. She too is now healthy and they call her dynamo at work, as no one can keep up with her. Amazing considering she couldn’t move her arm above her head and was in so much pain! Yes healthy living works, yes you will have to make changes, but it’s so worth it, because you are!

Upgrade Your Life!

I’m a wellness coach at Slim By Nature where I help support people through – the Body Slimming Detox. This is an amazing detox in which thousands of people have transformed their bodies and learnt how to change some of those bad habits. Along with this detox I also offer a personal coaching package and 2 month intensive home environment upgrade. During this upgrade I go through your internal and external environment and help you make healthy long lasting changes. Other ways I may help you to upgrade your life in this package includes:

  • How to start holding your own tea ceremonies + using singing bowls

  • Facial massage for youthful skin

  • Intro to detoxing your inner body and why it’s essential to wellbeing

  • Intro on how to start detoxing your outer environment 

  • Intro to Stomach massage – why your digestion matters 

  • Intro to creating a holistic beauty and dental regime

  • An intro to essential oils and how to use them for health

  • How to look after your dog holistically

  • An intro to the jade egg practice + breast massage

  • How to make basic healthy high energy smoothies/snacks

  • How to biohack your productivity using the moon and your cycle

  • An intro to the ancient principles of health

  • An intro to how to start using eastern plant medicine for health and vitality

  • Intro to Chronobiotic nutrition – why the timing of your food matters

It’s time to start living…

Our terrain inside and outside our bodies can be profoundly changed and when this happens fast most people don’t know what to do. I have learnt many lifestyle hacks from the best of the best and would to help you integrate them into your life so you go from being that person that hits snooze, itchy, restless, bloated, anxious, self doubting, worried and with huge memory gaps (can you remember what you did on Saturday? or even yesterday) to alert, excited, feeling like you get things done, slim, rested and able to move towards your dreams. How do I know… I’ve done it!

Won’t you start living your best life today?

Love and gratitude, always, Bo xx

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