Jade Egg Practice for Beginners

3 hour Workshop

My name is Bo Wong I’m a wellness coach and I focus on helping people especially women integrate Eastern Practices to bring them back into a state of harmony and connection with their inner and outer world. The Jade Egg Practice is something that has been life changing for me and I feel every woman should know about it because the health benefits and strength it brings you create positive ripples into other areas of your life.

What is the Jade Egg Practice and where did it come from?

The practice evolved in ancient China and the Jade Egg Exercises were implemented for improving longevity and increased health. In these workshops I give an understanding of the history, how, why, when and where to use the Jade Egg in an informative and supporting way. Women don’t have to share anything about themselves they can just come listen, take notes and participate as little or as much as they want.

How can it help women?

  • Strengthens Your Pelvic Floor• Strengthens Your Pelvic Floor
  • Invigorates Natural Flow of Essential Hormones• Increases Your Libido
  • Addresses Incontinence & Vaginal Dryness• Gently stimulates internal awareness
  • Rejuvenates Sexual Organs
  • Improves muscle control
  • Immensely invigorating, rejuvenating and fun!

Everyone is fully clothed for the whole workshop and I will give everyone a handout so you can take notes and audio files with meditations which you can use at home and is part of the practice.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for any women who is ready for open communication, a renewed sense of internal awareness and a deeper connection to themselves.

Workshop Topics Covered?

In this workshop participants will get to do practical exercises which they can take home. I provide a basic handout and after the event they receive for free audio files of meditations we will do in the workshop.

  1. How does the Jade Egg work and how is it different from kegel exercises?
  2. How does the Jade Egg work and how is it different from kegel exercises?
  3. Why Jade and what is the difference with using other crystals?
  4. Warm up exercises and Egg exercises
  5. Egg Care and how to use the egg
  6. Why clearing past and current partners with the egg
  7. How the egg can be used to Alleviate Period Pain and for menopausal women
  8. What is Vagina Kungfu and how do you do it?
  9. The 3 gateways to open a woman


How to do the workshop?

I have an event space in Brisbane if you would like to come here and do this workshop with 6 or more friends. I can also come to you. You can book this for a women’s retreat or as a workshop in your event space.

I occasionally run workshops for this practice which you will find on my event page.


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