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Discover health products to boost your immune system, like chaga, bone broth and hemp seeds. I also showcase my artworks, clothing line and meditations.

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See when my next tea workshop and events are. I would love to share tea with you so you too can upgrade your health and learn about the power of tea and herbal blends.


Need some food inspiration, then check out my delicious healthy recipes. Always creating and looking for ways to get more wholefoods into your diet.

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Welcome to starting your own organic life?

My Organic Life is a blog I (Bo) started when I lived in London to share information from the various courses, diploma, experiments and holistic therapies, on my healthy journey from sickness back to wellness. Eastern medicine has been a big influence on me since a young age and it’s part of my ancestry heritage, so it’s nice to connect to that and share some unconventional ways to optimal health that can help you too.

What is an organic life?

An organic life to me is an ever growing healthy connection to your inner self-means that no matter what you are dealing with in life, you can find stillness, and observe the negative experiences with an open heart and an open mind. It’s a quest to have a whole-foods, whole body integration with the natural world around us to guide us to the answers we have within and around us. One of the ways I stay balanced and healthy and want you too as well is through tea in which I hold tea workshop and Free tea ceremonies. I hope to share a bowl of tea with you soon!

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