History of Palo Santo

Palo Santo, a name now more popular in medicine than in history. A sacred tree used by Shaman’s and in ancestral medicinal practices, known to have cleansing and healing properties.

It is used in meditation for creating a deeper bond with yourself and the earth. The Shaman of Peru used to burn Palo Santo to ward off evil spirits, thoughts and misfortune with its aroma.

You can use it simply by putting a positive intention into the smoke and then cleansing your space with it’s subtle yet fruity wooden smell.

Why It’s Eco-Friendly?

It’s a fascinating story that the wood and essential oils can only be extracted after +2 years the natural death of the tree.

The tree does not only have medicinal properties if it is harvested any other way. A magical tree that is going to help you in ways you might not have imagined. Harvested only from the naturally fallen Palo Santo tree, the essential oils are environmentally friendly, following the natural process.

My love of Palo Santo

I have a video I did on how to clear your space using Palo Santo in my Healthy Home Living Course. I use it daily to set an intention during my meditation practice and to also clear my space when serving tea.

palo-santo graphic

Why Cleanse With Smoke?

The smoke of Palo Santo is used to clear your space of any negative energy. By burning your stick for about a minute, a rich aura of peace and clarity will fill the room and you will feel the purity in a matter of seconds.

1. Health Benefits

Palo Santo essential oil is known to have many health benefits. Healing of the common colds, flu, headaches, stress and depression is widespread.

The aroma of the smoke enriches the person with a calming effect, the immune and nervous system get the soothing benefits and heal faster. It is also known to help with inflammation and with cancer patients.

2. Spiritual Benefits

The essential oils of Palo Santo not only have health benefits but also helps spiritually. Its fragrance stimulates the brain and the person connects with his inner self, experiencing calm and peace in one’s mind and soul.

Some people believe it has the ability to help a person with anxiety and depression. Works like a relaxant and a purifier which has worked for many people.

3. How is it better than Cleansing with Sage?

Palo Santo has an excellent relaxing fragrance which is a lot better than sage. While white sage has been used for clearing negative energy, it is not so favourable when it comes to smell.

Palo Santo is preferred by most people because of the aroma and the positive effects it has on people. It also burns better and lasts longer than sage. This sweet fragrance of Palo Santo does wonders for the mind and body that many of us need.

Recipe for Palo Santo Tea

It might sound weird to flavour your tea with wood, but I love it and the taste. With benefits which boost the immune, Palo Santo tea is perfect. It can be easily made in only a few steps and you don’t need much as it’s very powerful and strong in flavour.

  1. Take a stick of Palo Santo and shave off little bits of wood
  2. Place 1 teaspoons of shavings into 1-2 cups of hot water
  3. Depending on how strong you like it leave it to sit for +10 mins
  4. For a stronger flavour add more shavings
  5. Pour through a strainer or you can brew in a tea infuser
  6. Add a little of your favourite sweetener if needed – honey is pretty good
  7. Enjoy and set your good intentions for yourself in every cup

Palo Santo Infographic



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