Mantak Chia World Tour – 6 Day Event on Gold Coast $1495 (Early Bird Special)

Learn from a living Tao Master over an incredible 6 days packed with international speakers and more. As someone who has done these practices and is also a Universal Healing Tao Instructor, it’s essential we not only have a system to look after our physical health but also our energetic and spiritual wellbeing too. The practices have been life-changing for me and I invite you to take a peek at this event. Message me if you would like to know about this or come to one of my classes.


Enjoy this 6 day event where you will not only hear from other leaders in the field of alternative health but Master Mantak Chia will show you a practical system of self-development that enables people to complete the harmonious evolution of their physical, mental and spiritual, bodies through a series of ancient Chinese meditative and internal energy exercises.

Benefits from the practices included

  • Reverse Aging
  • Enhance Sexual Vitality
  • Generate True Happiness
  • Deepen Love Relationships
  • Heal & Prevent Dis-ease
  • Create Greater Wealth
  • Third Eye Activation
  • Expedite Spiritual Growth


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