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Body Re-Balancing Massage – 1 hour session. This will begin with a Kansa Facial which reduces stress and provides a gentle face-lifting therapy, using a bronze-sacred metal alloy wand and organic natural massage oils to nourish your skin. This provides gentle friction to facial muscles which helps pull acidity from the tissues. Followed by stomach massage which deals with detoxification of the gut in purging toxic matter and energy built up. Finally, the session will end with some sound therapy which brings balance, harmony, relaxation and well-being to the body and mind.

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Stomach Massage

A gentle Stomach Massage will assist our internal organs detox and feel balanced. This part of the session involves using a gentle, soft, and deep touch to the abdomen to detoxify, tonify and energise the internal organs to work more efficiently.

Tools like massage have been used for centuries in India to enhance health and strength, and to increase energy, and reduce stress. They are believed to be essential to optimal health and well-being.

Other benefits of Kansa Wand Face Massage:

  • Revitalises face, shoulder, and neck muscles
  • Gently lifts facial skin
  • Reduces face pain, head pain and tension
  • Reduces acidity
  • Detoxifying
  • Unifies body, mind and spirit

Crystal Sound Therapy

Using sound can help us on many levels—physically, it can dissolve blockages in the body, reduce pain and stress and increase feelings of calm and relaxation; mentally, it can help us clear our minds, concentrate better and increase our feelings of confidence, hope and joy.

Please note my treatment room in The Gap, Brisbane. Address sent with booking, please call me to book a time Monday – Friday 10am – 3pm and I do have availability sometimes on weekends and can make house calls but an extra charge for travel will be added. To book call 0475415700.


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