Spring Tea Workshop – Sun 27 Oct 11-1pm


Sunday 27 October 11am -1pm + take home signature spring tea blend. Spring Tea Workshop with Ayurvedic Teaologist and Plant Practitioner Fehreen Ali. If you’re new to learning about tea, herbs, ritual and living within the seasons, then this workshop is for you!  I know many of you have tasted her wonderful tea’s I have often have at the centre to taste and in this workshop you will get a deeper understand about why they are so healing and work synergistically with our bodies to get them back into a state of balance. We have limited spaces at this workshop so please book your ticket early, as this one will also be the last tea workshop I’ll be doing for the year.

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Last month we learnt about tea’s from Sri Lanka this month I’m delighted to bring you a seasonal tea workshop focused on the energy, ritual and herbs for spring to uplift and cleanse you!

For the first time Fehreen Ali will be sharing with us in this unique workshop the ritual around her tea’s and the season of spring from an Ayurvedic viewpoint.

Her tea is not just tea it is tea steeped in wisdom, ancient culture, love and healing herbs brought together for you to enjoy and create your own tea rituals. We have limited spaces at this workshop so please book your ticket early, as this one will also be the last tea workshop I’ll be doing for the year.

In this workshop learn about

  • What Ayurvedic is
  • Why Ayurveda and Tea can help you stay balanced
  • Understanding the Ayurvedic seasons
  • How to cultivate a life of tea and ritual
  • Why hand blending tea in particular lunar cycles makes a difference
  • Take home special spring blend of tea

This is not a workshop you want to miss out on!


Fehreen Ali
Ayurvedic Teaologist and Plant Practitioner

I am a lifelong student of Ayurveda and Tea. Ayurvedic ritual and plant medicine have been a part of my life since the beginning. Born and raised in Fiji, currently living in Brisbane, I was immersed in the world of Ayurveda through food, herbs, ancestral rituals and storytelling. I grew up in a tea drinking culture where women would blend their own spices for masala chai and men would gather around a Tanoa (ceremonial wooden bowl) to drink Kava. Both Tea and Kava were the glue that bonded people and communities together.

I am a guardian and protector of Ancestral Ayurveda.
My grandmother has been a huge influence and inspiration to me – she was a very successful spice blender and her recipes and healing rituals have been passed down to me and woven into TeaCoup’s philosophy.

I share, guide and transform through the art of TeaVotion.

** Location **
I AM Healing Gifts (2-hour workshop 11am to 1pm)
1/7 De Barnett St
Gold Coast
Buildings next to Coomera police station – lots of parking available


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