Tea Ceremony – Thur 24 Oct 10am


Thursday 24 Oct. Starts at 10am sharp. Come and experience a the moving Zen practice of tea ceremony and connect with others. Drinking tea in this way gives us a chance to sit in stillness, cultivating a deeper sense of peacefulness that stays with you the more you drink. Limited Spaces. Text or click the button to reserve your space. Suggested donation $10.

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Tea Ceremony is a great way to meditate, connect to yourself and others. All tea served is from a people I know and with spring water from nearby.

Tea ceremony is the simple act of drinking leaves in a bowl in silence and letting go of the worries of your monkey mind. It’s so simple yet every piece of teaware and gesture has a purpose. Tea ceremony never stops as it becomes part of your life and how you choose to conduct yourself moving through it.

We drink the tea in silence, letting go of the evaluative mind as the tea gives us something to focus on. The way it touches our mouth, the texture and the qi we feel from it. In a space of quiet gratitude, we can start to open our hearts and feel an inner sense of calm and in a group, this is so powerful.

After enough bowls of tea have been served, we take a moment to just be and then have a chat. People are free to say as little or as much as they want.

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