Every time I share this information with someone they are surprised at how simple and cheap growing your own spring onions can be. You can grow them from seed, but for all you inner city folk who have no idea about gardening it might be better to grow them from your weekly shop. Why not add to your life this delicious garnish and become a master green spring onionateer.

Stretch your pennies further and have a never ending supply of spring onions. Firstly buy a bunch of organic spring onions from the supermarket. Make sure they still have little roots at the bottom (all the ones I’ve seen from the major supermarkets in the UK do). It will cost you around 80p or less depending on where you live. Spring onions also go special and drop to 50p or under (best time to get them).

Grow your own - Spring Onions

With the tops cut off, add water in shallow glass/container (whatever tickles your fancy) and put these babies somewhere sunny. For me the kitchen window sill usually does the trick. Remember  those lessons in biology how photosynthesis works? (if not – look it up lazy), you will notice over the next few days they keep growing and the roots get longer ~magical. You will need to change the water if it gets cloudy.

Grow your own - Spring Onions

You can keep cutting them and adding spring onion greenness to your food (if you ask them to grow nicely, they tend to grow faster – try it). After day 5 the roots will be noticeably longer and they will be ready for planting.

Grow your own - Spring Onions

You can pop these straight into a pot and keep them in the kitchen, so you remember to use them in your cooking (please excuse my dirty windows).

Grow your own - Spring Onions
Or you can pop these straight into the garden, I’ve had these since last year (yes they survived the cold snowy UK winter weather, so they are a hardy plant). For 50p you can get a forever growing supply of spring onions – now that’s what I call nature recycling!

Grow your own - Spring Onions

No surprise that this onion family member superhero has many health benefits (the clue is that it’s green) and can be used in many dishes, as a garnish or flavour enhancer. Known by various names such as green onions, onion sticks, salad onions, spring onions and by the Irish as scallions (no not a ship’s crew as I thought ~ eye ya scallion?), they contain many beneficial nutrients such as Vitamin A, B Complex, C, K, copper, manganese, iron and calcium. This superfood has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties and if you are suffering from arthritis or joint pain, eat these regularly to help to lessen inflammation in the body. So next time you buy spring onions, think twice about how much further they can go in your kitchen. Spread this spring onion tip around, your friends and wallet will thank you for it!

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