This week I caught up with John, author of The Therapy Book, a unique health guide with over 200 alternative therapies. It’s a great place to start if you want to try a holistic therapy, but not sure about which one or if you just want to explore and gain more understanding in a certain area.

The Therapy Book2

How did it start?

As a practising therapist, I always have the client’s welfare at the forefront of my mind. If I feel that the type of therapy I’m offering may not be the best one for them or their condition, then I always let them know. It’s not always easy to tell this to a client, especially if I don’t know what to recommend instead. So rather than just saying ‘sorry’, leaving them frustrated and wondering in which direction to turn, I felt that I needed to have a complete “toolkit” of other possible therapies, so I could recommend a more suitable therapy for them.

Why did you create this book?

Having other therapies I could recommend was when I started to search for comprehensive and unbiased information. At first, my search was quite futile, as all I could find was a handful of the well known therapies, but not much else was easily available. My mission began, alphabetically finding therapies from A to Z and included hours of research and the more I searched, the more diverse the therapies I found. Thus I now had a stockpile of some fascinating information, which not only proved to be educational, but also extremely enlightening.

I’m a trained as a hypnotherapist and on the course other students from various therapies thought it would be a good idea to set up websites, and to be honest they put little thought into them and they look rather appalling. I spent a fair bit of time contemplating a website, and couldn’t quite work out how to let people know about it. At first I thought let’s get other therapists to write about their therapies and put this information all on a website. All the sites I had seen offering an A to Z of complementary therapies lacked entries for most of the alphabet and thus inspiration grew to create a comprehensive alternative therapy A-Z guide, because there wasn’t one. It didn’t start life as a book, but that information took me nearly 2.5 years to gather and it gradually dawned on me, what I had was a book.

Is this book just for therapists?

No, the information is written in a way that any person can find it informative and easy reading.

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with my readers John, I hope The Therapy Book inspires them to read about or try a holistic therapy. Having so many alternative therapies all in one place is a great idea and I also like that your blog tackles all the big issues we should all be aware of around the globe.

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