Transformation through Ceremony and Healthy Living

Together Me and Adele are a powerful team infusing ceremony, sound and the power of groups to offer a uniquely transformative experience. We are here to serve, love and receive the beauty that exists in all of us.

With a background in Holistic Wellness, I will help you harness the power of your physical body and my main form of medicine is meditation and tea.

Adele Lee is Shamanic DNA Reprogramming who can help people discover their gifts so they can step into their power with purpose while clearing out clear out old programs that are holding them back from their true potential.

Hire us to give your group, retreat or business a uniquely transformative experience which they can carry into their relationships, career and future.

We offer a deeply profound 2-hour workshop through the art of ceremony that is our revolutionary system to help people feel more in flow and positive about life.

Our workshop includes

Tea Ceremony

Drinking tea in this way gives us a chance to sit in stillness, cultivating a deeper sense of calmness and opening our hearts. It is the 2nd most common beverage after water. After the tea ceremony, you will realise the sacred energy of tea and ceremony. All tea used is sourced sustainably grown wild or organic.

Smudging + Intention Setting

This powerful part of the workshop as it helps us to understand that certain plants give up their lives so that we can use their smoke for prayers and cleansing, and the aroma produced by these plants help us place ourselves in a different state of mind thus bringing us into a deeper part of ourselves. This practice will give everyone a clear sense of direction. Each person of given a personalised session.

Sound Therapy

Sound is a powerful tool of transformation and we use a combination of Tibetan, crystal sound and medicine drumming in our sound immersion to provide an additional level of body renewal and connection. As the cells vibrate with the cosmos everyone is taken on a journey of self-discovery which they can them share. Finally, we will close the workshop with a circle and voice toning.

If you are a teacher, have a holistic business or group of people that would enjoy this experience, let’s have a chat as we also have an event space. We hold monthly events so you can get a feel for the transformative experience we offer and our workshop is open to men and women.

Check out the events page for Unique Workshops & Events

What People Are Saying

The power and Potency of the Sacred Tea poured and infused through Bo followed by the Top Shelf Chakra Healing TRANSFORMATIONAL Process by Adelle will influence me forever. Magical Evening Sisters beyond grateful. Deep Bow.

Jessica Gale

Quite the magical experience. Fell in to one of the deepest meditive states I’ve ever been in. Visuals and a ulitimate sense of relaxation all rolled in to one. Looking forward to the next one. Thank you again

Austin Thomas

What a beautiful ceremony and a group of women. My experience of peace and feeling of oneness with the universe and the group was amazing. The facilitators held the space beautifully. The women attending spanned all stages of life and were so open about their experience and supportive of each other. I recommend you experience this for yourself and you will understand what i mean.

Joanne Moore

I just had the most beautiful experience sitting in Bo’s goddess circle. Ceremony, connection and remembering…such a powerful and heart opening night

Danielle McIsaac

Amazing amazing amazing my first tea circle can’t wait for the next one

Tes Byrnes

I could have drank tea all night and it seems to remove the ego. The whole ceremony was unique and profoundly different. Thank you ladies.

John Bevelander

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